Mr. Darcy

"May I introduce to you, a Mr. Darcy of..." Travelers Rest?!

Those of you who know me, know that I love reading, and among some of my favorite books is the classic Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I have at least 4 copies of this book (currently...I have owned probably around 7 copies in my life). And I love the movies (well, I like the really long BBC one because it includes so much about the characters, but I LOVE the 2005 version because of the music, the lovely actors/actresses, and for a short rendition does a fantastic job in character development)...but I digress!

After graduating from BJU and obtaining a nursing job that is over 30 miles from my house, I soon realized the importance of having a trustworthy, gas-effecient vehicle to transport me everywhere. Easy solution, buy car. Now, to choose from the millions of types, let alone new/used...etc.  After much prayer and counsel from dad and a family friend in the car business, I decided to buy a new car...I'd heard of hatchbacks from a friend who had been looking for a car the year before, and I fell in love with the Honda Fit Sport. It was small (for easy parking), yet very roomy on the inside. It has a USB port, an AUX port, a CD player/radio, cruise control, fog lights, huge trunk space, and (the clincher) TEN cupholders. That's right, 10. It was affordable and the gas mileage ranges between 29-42mpg. I average 35 mpg in the winter and 38 mpg in the summer.

 So, I was left with picking a color and a name (I'm one of those quirky people who names their vehicles). My last 2 cars had been Bible names (Noah...who did not survive the flood of 2004, and Ezekiel who had be passed on to other siblings and rechristened Elizabeth and Blue Bomb, respectively). But this, this was my FIRST car to purchase. So, after settling on a beautiful Tidewater Blue color, I christened my classy car Mr. Spfitzwilliam Darcy. Mr. Darcy for short.

And I'm in love.

I have put over 57,000 miles on him since December 2009, and I still love getting in my car every day, whether it is to drive to work, or to take a road trip.

The LPs and I collect bumper stickers from places we've been, and Mr. Darcy proudly displays my collection on the back window (and a couple on the side-back windows). I love watching people at stoplights trying to read all the stickers.

I know they say that new cars are not a wise investment, etc etc...but honestly, in my case, Mr. Darcy has been one of the best investments of my money I've ever made.

Am I proud of my Mr. Darcy...definitely. Prejudiced that he is the best? Without a doubt.

He is, after all, MY Mr. Darcy. :)