Monday, December 31, 2012

The World Is Ahead


What a year!

I've traveled far in many aspects. Physically, I've been to quite a few places this year. Mentally, I've learned much. Emotionally, I'm relearning balancing school, work, and that extreme lack of social life that comes with that balance. Spiritually, I've had to trust in God and His plan for my life more than I ever have.

I miss traveling. A lot. (I'm already planning trips for Spring Break and that little summer time I've got off between Summer School and the Fall Semester).

But I would not trade all the trips in the world for going back to school and following the Lord's leading. It is not for me to question or even understand why He called me back to school. It is for me to follow and trust Him to provide for my needs.

And He has. Abundantly above all I ever asked or thought.

So, what will 2013 hold? Lots of school. Lots of work. The many woes that come with those. Perhaps, the Lord will return!!! A few trips as time permits.

No matter what comes, I am looking forward, learning from the past, and forging ahead into new territory. Because, as Gandalf told Bilbo:

The world is ahead.