Monday, January 28, 2013

Seeking an Adventure

Sometimes road trips are planned events that are plotted and mapped out in advance.

But more often than not, road trips come somewhat unexpectedly. 

I discovered something about myself today. Something I think I have known for some period of time. 

I like driving. I really like driving. 

Sure, there are times it is frustrating. The other drivers on the road seem to not understand simple concepts such as turn-signals, speed limits, and safe distances between vehicles. But over all, it is relaxing. Time to think, listen to music, catch up with a friend, people watch, or simply observe the scenery. 

You all know me. If something comes up that can be turned into a road trip, I will gladly seize the opportunity! 

Two weeks ago, such an opportunity presented itself in the form of a friend interviewing at MUSC in Charleston (you can read about his interview here). How perfect! I could take the afternoon off of clinicals (for the first and ONLY time this semester, mind you), escape the Upstate, and visit one of my favorite road trip cities in South Carolina. 

After finishing clinicals, I drove home, ate a quick bite, then headed south. Having driven a few times to Charleston, I did not need a GPS until it was time to meet up with my friend. His interview was supposed to go until 5ish, and I was set to arrive a quarter-till. Of course, plans changed a little when his interview finished early. 

Once I arrived, we headed downtown for some supper. Parking by the Battery is one of my tips to anyone visiting Charleston. It is free, and it provides a pleasant excuse to meander down Meeting Street. 

We ended up eating at Hanks, a slightly-more-upscale restaurant. The food was delicious, and we enjoyed catching up on life. 

After supper, we looked over pictures and videos from his recent trip to Haiti, and we discussed his interview. 

Sometime after nine o'clock, I headed home...with a quick stop at Starbucks, of course. 

The drive back was uneventful, even after Horatio, my mini-blue-bunny, had passed out from consuming too much hot chocolate. 

All in all, a very fast and fun trip. 

Life is so unexpected, taking twists and turns that we do not expect. Grad school was definitely NOT a turn I was expecting, but thankfully, God knows all the bends in my road. 

I am not counting on having much time off during February, but I have taken over a week off school and work during Spring Break and am anticipating a most exciting adventure!