The Page You Have All Been Waiting For

NYC skyline
Whether you are a friend of mine on Facebook or simply a follower of my blog (or perhaps you have only just stumbled on my blog), you have read or seen pictures of a traveling companion of mine.

And I have decided that it is time to introduce you and tell you some of his back story.

waiting to board the plane
At Red Rocks, CO

Meet Horatio.

A mini-blue-bunny, approximately 2.5 inches in height, who carries a felt carrot, who lost his left eye sometime around the end of 2009.

Horatio's Back Story:
In Spring 2009, I was a poor fifth-year college student, preparing to graduate. A good friend of mine, Kara, was performing her Junior Voice Recital, and being my procrastinating self, I found myself the day of the recital without a gift for my friend. (for those of you who do not know me very well, I love to give people things...cards, gifts, random items, a smiley face sticker...it's just who I am). Being on a limited budget (poor college student defined: paying for college, paying for gas and car insurance, purchasing anything pertaining to myself; working 2-4 part time jobs during the semester and 3-5 part time jobs during the summer), I was well acquainted with clearance aisles and second-hand stores. I quickly checked out the clearance aisle at the campus store. A couple of plants-in-a-can caught my eye.

again, waiting to board
picking up luggage

Then I saw it.

A cute light-blue sequin-and-beaded bag. When I picked it up, it was a little lumpy. I checked the tag. Within my budget...then I saw the tag's description: "mini-blue-bunnies-in-a-bag." No joke. On a time crunch, I grabbed the little, lumpy bag, and after purchasing my gifts, I headed to the recital.

Horatio and Abe
When Kara opened the bag, out came a handful of little bunnies. We all laughed at the randomness, and Kara handed out the miniature bunnies to several of her friends. At some point (a few days later), the names began. All the bunnies were dubbed with "H" names: Hemingway, Hugh, Humphrey, etc. And then there was mine. Without going into all the details, I knew a baby named Horatio and thought it was the perfect name.

Somehow, Horatio ended up in classes with me, studying for nursing boards, flying to PA for a wedding...and at some point, he stowed away on my 3 week musical missions trip to Cali.

"You shall not pass!"
Photo ops, going through security checks, seeing new places...he has been a very busy bunny. This, however, has NOT deterred him from having some of his own adventures-sans Charise. He and Mr. Darcy have reached a truce and get along quite well on road trips.

All in all, he has proved a worthy traveling companion, whether by air or land.

For more on Horatio's Adventures, check out his photo album on my Facebook.