Monday, December 15, 2014

And May the Road Rise Up to Meet You!

The journey of...137K?!

How fast time passes! I have merely turned around and found myself facing the end of the year with its busyness. In the last 4 months, I have moved twice, started a new job, and put a few more thousand miles on Mr. Darcy. I now find myself settled into a comfortable apartment and sitting back to reflect on this one night of the entire month which I have free.


It has been a whole five years to the day since I first purchased my awesome Honda Fit, so-named Mr. Darcy because that happens to be one of my favorite literary characters.

It's been a crazy five years, in retrospect. And in that time, I have put over 137,000 miles on my vehicle...and spent several hundreds (if not thousands) of hours traversing here and there and a bit of everywhere in between.

I have also managed to put over 60 (yes, sixty) bumper stickers on his windows, making him the most tastefully sticker'd vehicle that ever roamed the highways and byways (and, if I may be so bold to say, one of the most photographed vehicles in the Upstate of South Carolina...not a week goes by that I don't catch some other driver or passenger or pedestrian stopping to snap a picture of my photogenic little vehicle).

Truly, I am very thankful for the Lord's provision in a reliable vehicle that is also fun to drive and a willing partner in my adventures (though, it is fortunate that he cannot tell of ALL the places we have been together as that might raise some alarm).

So, here's to an amazing five years with the coolest vehicle in town...and to another five should the Lord allow!